How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

I live in a pre-war apartment building in San Francisco.  The whole building is roach infested.  Though my apartment is very clean (food is never left out, garbage is taken out everyday, the sink is clean with the stopper in the drain) I was killing 2 – 5 roaches EVERY DAY.  I made it my mission to learn how to get rid of cockroaches once and for all!

I became obsessed in killing these creatures.  I wanted them gone forever.  My apartment complex even pays for a monthly exterminator service, yet the infestation continued.  Faced with either moving out or fixing the problem myself I was determined.  Through many trial and error, folklore and myths busted, I am happy to say I not only got rid of my roach problem but they have not come back in over a year. Let me teach you how to get rid of cockroaches forever.

My definitive guide on how to get rid of cockroaches…FOREVER

Follow these simple steps and a roach free home can be yours:

Step 1: Clean

Cleaning is the first step to how to get rid of cockroachesKeep everything clean!  Seriously, before you spend your money or do anything else, clean house!  Vacuum. Clean. Wipe. EVERYTHING. Do not leave them ANYTHING to eat or drink.

Because roaches are most active at night, before going to bed make sure:

  • Surfaces are wiped down with antiseptic wipes
  • Floors are mopped
  • Food is put away (sealed in plastic bags or containers)
    • If you have pets make sure their food is in an airtight container
  • Trash is taken out
  • Sink area is clean (no used dishes) and bone-dry (roaches can go months without food but they need water
  • and stopper is in the drain (this blocks access to your disposal where remnants of food are a great snack for roaches)

By doing this you limit the roaches food supply.  Cockroaches will eat ANYTHING.  This includes soap, glue, cardboard.

Note: If you have a Keurig (or any coffee machine really) DO NOT leave the water in the reservoir. They will infest your Keurig. They will infest your coffee machine. If you have pets, vacuum, a lot. They will eat dog and cat hair and dander.

Step 2: Seal

If you truly want to get rid of cockroaches forever, you must seal your exterior walls. This keeps roaches out of your house by blocking their entrance. Seal cracks everywhere you can inside your house as well. This takes time, but the payoff will be huge.

You can use a clear latex caulk like the one shown hear (note, the one shown here will need a caulking gun but you can get a tube if you have a smaller space and no gun).  At time of publishing – $2.28.

Be liberal with this stuff.  Make sure to:

  • Fill all exterior cracks
  • Fill all cracks inside of cabinets in your kitchen
  • Fill the cracks on the sides of floors, doors, and window moldings
  • Fill all cracks around pipes in bathrooms and kitchens

Remember: Cockroaches are almost flat and can get through the smallest of holes.  If you want to get rid of cockroaches forever – caulk it!

Step 3: Destroy

OK, so now your apartment is clean and sealed – it is time for war.  I also have a dog and a cat, and made sure these products are ok to use around them, and if not, keep them out of the room that you’re spraying etc until everything dries. Kill the bugs, not your pets.

Here are the products you need in order to get rid of roaches for ever.  I have listed them in no particular order:

Product ImageBrandGreat ForPrice (at Publication)

Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder
Roach cookies. Mixture of boric acid, sugar, flour and Crisco. Put it in corners, cracks, etc. I even opened up the outlets and put a little bit in there, in the crevice between the actual outlet unit and the wall. This was the first defense. Here’s the recipe and more info – Price: $9.64

Gentrol Point Source IGR Insect Growth Regulator Discs
GET IT. This stuff stops their reproductive cycle. It’s roach birth control. I got this and put it in every room, and also in the hallways of my building (in the dreaded garbage-chute-closet-thing)
Price: $14.42

Invict Gold Roach Control Gel Bait
Bait that kills them, and their dead bodies and feces are also then poisonous so the fuckers that feast on the dead bodies of their comrades will also die. This is the bait for roaches who are used to Raid for decades and stay away from it or are just immune to it. This bait they cannot resist. And then they die. Or they walk into the Gentrol IGR zone and then can’t reproduce.I got the 4-tube pack, so far only used 2 tubes.Price: $23.32

Raid Indoor/Outdoor Bug Barrier
Disclaimer: not sure how well this really works, some roaches are immune to Raid at this point, but – I sprayed this on the outside of my apartment front door (roaches were crawling in from the hallway garbage-chute-closet area … people in this building are disgusting)
Price: $8.99

Diatomaceous Earth
This is good for all kinds of bugs (bed bugs even!), and relatively safe. You just don’t wanna breathe this stuff in (and neither should your pets) so be careful with it ($15.96 at time of publication).
Price: $21.48

All of this takes some time and dedication (and about $100), but it is worth it. After learning how to get rid of cockroaches I can’t tell you how happy I am.  Roaches crawling around, eating your found is not a healthy living environment.

A roach-free apartment can be yours.
Side note – If you live in an apartment in a large metropolitan area first check to see if your building has a exterminator service.  My did (it still didn’t help) but check nonetheless.  Chances are your landlord might be required to hire an exterminator for their buildings.  If you have a service, do the cleaning step and the sealing step and see if the problem stops.
Let me know if you have any tips or advice of your own on how to get rid of cockroaches.

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